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sunrise ptA

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a volunteer-driven organization comprised of parents and administration. Sunrise PTA aims to keep every member of the Sunrise community informed and involved. Our PTA does the following:


  • Encourages involvement and creativity 

  • Facilitates engagement with other parents and teachers 

  • Recognizes and celebrates our teachers, who are essential to our children’s success 

  • Raises money for critical elements of the educational community

We eagerly look forward to learning what you can contribute to our school community and how we can help you get involved. There are many opportunities ranging from playground maintenance, room parents, reading or math buddies, financial contributors, enrichment assistance, or helping plan and coordinate the various events the PTA manages.

Every SMS parent is encouraged to volunteer and participate in whatever capacity fits their schedules. We look forward “growing greatness” together.

For more information, please                   and we will invite you to the next meeting! 

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