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enrichment program

Kinder - 6th grade

The Montessori curriculum in its unique approach to education includes: health, arts, science, and music. Parents, friends and experts in their fields visit the school to make presentations or conduct workshops for individual classes and the entire community.

Sunrise Montessori has the benefit of a team of specialist staff to support and enrich the learning experiences of the students:


Science continues the child's explorations of the natural world by engaging his/her intellect and sparking the imagination with exciting and engaging, age-appropriate hands-on experiments and discussions.


Music is integrated into our curriculum by weekly classes with singing songs, rhythm instruments, and creative movement. Primary and Elementary classes present a musical program to parents during the winter and at the end of the school year.


Art fosters creativity and a sense of personal discovery in all students. Explore the technique: line, shape, value, texture, perspective, construction, and color theory. All of the classroom projects use materials of various methods including charcoal and colored pencils, watercolor, and paint, collage, oil and chalk pastels, and more.


Health and Physical Education is a fun experience with exercises in help promote self-confidence, independence, teamwork, the strengthening of large and fine motor skills and following directions. Students learn about the importance of warming up and stretching and also cooling down. Good sportsmanship and cooperation is learned in group games and through tumbling, obstacle courses, games, sports and so much more!

Library cultivates an appreciation for books and reading, promotes literacy, and supports classwork. Students come to the library once a week to check-out books; the library cultivates an appreciation for books and reading, promotes literacy, and supports classwork, and it's just plain fun!

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