admissions & tours

Request for enrollment

The Request for Enrollment can be filled out and submitted at any time but will not be reviewed until after the Parent Tour and meeting with the Head of School. 

Step 1: Schedule a tour

A visit is the only way to really find out whether a school is right for you. We typically schedule tours in the early afternoons, so you can see the authentic Montessori experience in practice. 

Step 2: Begin the process

Complete the                                    . Return this form along with the non-refundable Registration fee of $125.00

Step 3: Return the form

Our Office Administrator will contact you to confirm that we have space available and to begin the enrollment process.

Admissions Decision

Many factors contribute to the decision of acceptance of a child.  The most important is the match of the family’s and the school’s educational goals for the child.  It is our goal to maintain the integrity of being a true authentic Montessori program by maintaining gender and age balance within each classroom.  The commitment from the family to having their child complete the full Montessori cycle here at SMS by attending the Kindergarten year is a vital piece for SMS to be able to provide the best Montessori experience for each child in the our program and best for each individual child’s education.