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At what age can my child start?

We enroll children beginning at age 3 and up to 6 years old for the early childhood classrooms.  Our elementary program is 1st through 6th grade.


Why do students spend up to 3 years in one classroom?

While many educational programs are set up in a linear line with yearly goals and steady acquisition of knowledge, research has found that children develop in phases lasting about 3 years each (0-3, 3-6, and so on). The carefully prepared environment in a Montessori classroom is specifically designed to meet the needs of children in each developmental plane and provides opportunities to grow, develop, and learn.


Is Montessori right for my child?

The Montessori Method is appropriate for all children. Someone observing an early childhood class would see a wide range of abilities, personalities, and social skills. At Sunrise Montessori we value these differences and nurture each child’s strengths and personalities.

How do Montessori children transition to other educational methods?

Our goal is that every child who leaves our class for public school leaves with a love for learning. The skills and qualities developed in a Montessori classroom are skills your child will use for every future challenge they encounter: autonomy, creative thinking, and satisfaction in a job well done.


How does Montessori education compare to public school goals?

While not following public school curriculum, we do achieve the academic goals as set out in the Montana Core Curriculum for kindergarten, often times surpassing them. Children attending Montessori kindergarten are very well prepared for public school first grade.


How do you track academic progress?

Written observation is a key element in the Montessori classroom. Our teachers conduct formal and informal observations on a regular basis. This ongoing observation of each individual child enables us to note if a concept or skill is being practiced and mastered. We keep a portfolio of each student on our school platform, Transparent Classroom, for our own reference and to share with parents on a weekly bases and during conferences.


Are all Montessori schools the same?

Montessori education is a philosophy and educational theory using specific instructional materials. Certified classroom guides are trained in a similar manner. How they interpret this training and later use it in their classrooms can vary greatly.  When selecting a school it is best to visit each school and get a feel for the environment and staff. It is also a good idea to find out if each classroom is directed by a Montessori Certified Guide and that the materials are authentic Montessori materials.


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